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To my strong friend, C

It’s always a breath of fresh air when I speak with you. Our conversations are food for my soul. They make me feel more connected to the meaningful things in life.

You’re a mom now. Like what you said, your son now means the world to you. While you never really fantasized about becoming a mother, surprisingly it has become the thing that makes you the happiest at this point in your life. I can see that. But you’re not like my other friends who have become mothers. Motherhood didn’t make you forget all the things that you’ve always found interesting. We still talk about politics (Marxism in particular), world history, art, travel, life, love and loss, among others. I don’t feel like you have transformed into a stranger just because you bore a son.

Motherhood only added up to the great person that you already were when I met you in college.

I guess, it made you more emotional, affectionate, light and understanding. Your life has never been easy. It still isn’t easy now that you are responsible for another human being. But you embrace life with dignified simplicity. I can see that in you.

Nothing can and nothing will every break you. You’ve understood long ago that it’s never the world’s responsibility to make you happy or to make life easier for you. Nobody owes us anything. It’s our responsibility to be okay and to be at peace with the reality of our lives.

Some may see you as a serious person with a tough shell. I never saw you that way. I’ve always thought you’re mature and responsible but you’re also full of interests and fun! You are honest and funny, too. There was never a dull moment with you.

I treasure our friendship so much. I don’t think I’ve ever lied to you about anything. To  be honest, sometimes I feel like I’m being too honest with you (I couldn’t help myself! Haha). But maybe there is no such thing as being too honest when it comes to our relationship.

I love you, my friend. You are a soul sister to me. You’re always included in my prayers.


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