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To my learning Self

Decisive endings are perfect opportunities to plan again.

This is one of the many chances we are given to redeem ourselves and grow. Let’s do our best to work together and make more productive, meaningful and liberating resolutions and activities.

Please consider my humble suggestions:

1. Block off negative vibes from other people by strengthening your inner life. Self knowledge and forgiveness leads to peace of mind. Gratitude leads to peace of mind. Complete presence leads to peace of mind.

2. In relation to the previous one, separate yourself from people and situations that only sow negativity in you. These people could be you own parents, siblings, colleagues, friends and potential lover/s. If you cannot completely cut ties with them then better not come close. Love them, yes and be there for them. But be firm with setting your boundaries.

Maturity entails that we don’t let our life issues spill and pollute other people’s lives. If they cannot keep theirs from spilling over, just back off.

Only they could help themselves. Get busy with getting your shit together instead.

Important reminders: Insecure people will always hate confident, productive and happy people. You’ve been a very insecure person yourself so you know how it feels like. But continue working on yourself, anyway; be confident, productive and happy. Let them hate you but don’t hate them.

3. Be wiser in knowing who to trust. I know you’ve always been so open and trusting. But just because you know you can be trusted doesn’t mean that all other people could be trusted, too. Protect your heart.

While it’s true that not everyone is out there to get you, based on your experiences not everyone also has the best of intentions for you. Most people simply care only about themselves. Growing up entails accepting that reality.

Useful tip: You’ll know if someone cannot be trusted if the person makes/made you feel bad about yourself when you practically haven’t done anything to harm them.

4. After detoxifying your life from negative people and relationships, focus on the ones that are inspiring and liberating for you. You have a few pending dates with your girl friends. Take the lead and have a good time with them! There are people in your life who sincerely want to be with you. You know who they are. Focus on them and forget about the rest.

5. Get better in taking care of yourself. Pamper yourself with routines that make you feel fresh and good, wear clothes that suit your personality, eat healthy, have enough rest, exercise and smile!

6. Allot time for artistic activities. Visit museums, continue your illustration project, visit websites of artists, make friends with artists and fill your days thinking and discussing about art with like-minded people. Instead of going to shopping malls or just eating out, why not invite your friends to museums, libraries and art film festivals?

7. Read, read, read! Read books by authors who you suppose are difficult for you, read about topics you’re practically an idiot about, read books that help you work on your spirituality and growth, read books written by women and for women, read books that inspire you and teach you to write, read books that inspire you to travel and live, read books that guide you to the path your soul wants you to go.

Important reminders: Be organized and disciplined when it comes to your reading list. Finish what you started. Come on, have respect for the books and the authors and the opportunity you are given to read.

8. Watch challenging films! While you may permit yourself to watch simply entertaining films from time to time, give priority to the films that really stimulate and challenge your beliefs and abilities. Every little thing is a learning opportunity.

9. Organize your finances. Be very wise and fair in allotting budget for the household, for your basic needs, for your health needs, for travel and for your girly stuff.

10. Be sure to spend a regular amount of time alone. Spend your nights from the office in solitary walks. You’ve done it a few times. You know how relaxing it is. Spend your “Me Day” alone in whichever place you choose to be. Take long solitary bus rides. Have a cup of coffee or a bottle of beer alone in a nice place. Enjoy your surroundings.

Observe the people, observe yourself. Let the universe express its love for you in silence.

11. Work on your spiritual life. You’ve already done some major developments. Thanks to the recent pivotal events. Keep working on it. You’ll need all your strength and wisdom for more challenges and growth opportunities in the future.


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