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To the ghost of Insecurity

Stop posing as my friend, colleague and lover. You should not take over an entire person. You’re a phony, spineless, meaningless piece of crap. You bring down amazing and loving people. You sabotage lives.

It’s painful for me to see my relationships break down because of you. I know you have a lot to teach us humans.

But sometimes, it takes an entire life for some people to learn.

It breaks my heart to let these people go. I know I have to let them go because I’ve been in their place before, too. There’s no way others could have helped me when I was in the pits. If I’ve let them stay, I’d only just pull them into my hole. I couldn’t let myself do that. So I had to push them away even if they sincerely wanted to stay.

Most of the time when the person goes out of your life, they never come back…or you never let them catch up with you again. Either way you’re both out of each others’ lives forever. It’s a sad but inevitable thing. Maybe it’s just part of nature’s healthy process of growth. I’d like to believe and accept that. Otherwise, I’d always be full of remorse and regret. I won’t be able to move on and enrich the relationships that I presently have in my life.

It’s just a shame how many years, relationships and good times are wasted because we let you in our lives and believe in your lies. How many more people do I have to let go because of you?


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