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To my younger selves

Age 5
Hey Kat,
You have the right to be a child. You have the right to cry and demand the adults in your life to take care of you and not depend on you. They should know better because they’ve lived longer than you. You have to learn that it is not right to trespass other people’s boundaries only because you couldn’t help your own pain and mess from spilling over.
Be tender but tough. Know the importance of getting your shit together.
Don’t pollute the world of negativity and learn to say no to other people’s negativity. You don’t need it. The world doesn’t need it.
Go girl! Be tough and wise in tenderness.
Age 21
Dearest Daena,
This deep shit you’re in is an opportunity to know yourself and transform into the person you feel in your soul you should become. Just take each and every blow. You’ll come out of this more alive, stronger and wiser because you are a lot bigger than all of your troubles.
 Learn to look at your monsters eye to eye. Learn to reach the opposite end of the tunnel by summoning all your courage and by following the light.
You’re a survivor and  becoming better and better at surviving because you are learning how to master the natural process of death and rebirth. The vastness of the universe in all its righteousness and warmth is on your side.
We can do this! Fight!
Age 27
Dearest Daena,
The beauty of the universe’s wisdom is right before you. You can see it because you are ready. Don’t worry. Your independence will come in time. Believe in nature’s own process of healing and liberation.
In time, you’ll land at your own feet; they may be sore and thick with scars but they will be more capable of standing.
Be humble to accept all of which you have yet to learn. Let yourself be guided. Forgive. Express your gratitude. You have the right to fall flat on your face, change your mind and stand up again.
You are worthy of many second chances. Redemption is in your hands. Seize it.

The universe is on your side as long as you stay true to yourself.


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