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To the man who inspired me to create this blog and write this first entry

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We met at a time when I was at one of the major crossroads of my life (I’m still in it at the moment). You inspired me in many ways you probably would’ve not think of. I could see your soul seeping through you – you offer each and every day of your life for the poorest of the people. They are always in your thoughts and actions. You use whatever power and influence you have to contribute to the fight for social justice.

You never forget where you came from, who have helped you along the way and what your life is for. These are the reasons why you’ve become greater than the sum of all your limitations as a human.

You have no idea how deeply you inspire me. All the things you said to me and those that you’ve written in your autograph are forever tattooed in my mind. Now I’m beginning to plan again and take all my passions seriously. I know I haven’t achieved much at all at this point but I already feel like a winner because I get to have the chance and the guts to follow my heart and let my soul lead the way. I owe you a lot. You will be blessed forever. Here’s my red salute!

(You told me I should write, thus I have created this blog. I just hope I’d be patient and disciplined enough to keep on writing. I hope this post gets to you.*winks)


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